Besides the steady increase of the number of our employees and their continuous education in Croatia and abroad (over ten courses within the last year), Naturaldent strongly invests in the most modern manufacturing equipment and devices, in order to ensure our competitive edge on the Croatian and world markets. By adopting new technologies, we strive to improve production processes, from eliminating environmentally unsafe materials to energy efficiency and process automatisation.

You can work with Naturaldent in two ways:

  • Using outsourcing services or our milling center and metal framework departments, we can provide your laboratory with precisely manufactured zirconium, titan and e.max caps, or a finished metal framework for prosthesis. Your laboratory conducts the final coating and baking of ceramics or inserting teeth in case of the metal framework prosthesis. This way, you keep full control over your clients, and all products leave from your laboratory as your finished products.
  • Using the full services of our laboratory, we deliver finished, certified, artistically completed products from our experienced ceramics technicians. CAD/CAM products are only one of the departments in our laboratory. Using the same foundations of ensured quality, authenticity and environmental consciousness, other departments of our laboratory, such as metal works, combined prosthetics or mobile prosthetics, can create top-of-the-line products for your practice. Metal-ceramics (always certified metals without Nickel), combined prosthetics, metal framework prosthetics, BPS prosthetics, mouth guards, and – of course – the complete Naturaldent Exclusive Line of products.
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All ordered products are delivered with the least possible delay, in accordance to the individually agreed schedule. Products can be delivered by DHL, UPS or by regular bus lines if desired. Within Zagreb, we deliver products using or own delivery vehicle.

All products are packaged in standardized protective boxes with foam inserts, guaranteeing the safety of your jobs from damage. All works are sent with certificates of authenticity, biocompatibility, depending on the certification available from the manufacturer.

In case of any further questions, we are at your service.