We live in times when almost every product can be bought cheaper. But very frequently the reduced cost also means reduced quality. Using materials that conform to all necessary standards of the profession should be a certainty – unfortunately, we see that it is not always so.

The quality of a product is important in all aspects of live, but it has to receive special attention when health is at stake. Our mission is to provide a quality, functional and aesthetically pleasing prosthetic replacement for every end user – dentist and his/her patient.

Naturaldent refuses to create savings by substituting for cheaper materials of questionable quality. Of course, we are always aware of the importance of competiveness and our final price. For this reason – through strategic negotiations with our suppliers, strict manufacturing control and realistic business planning – we strive to always be competitive. Our vision is to become the largest dental laboratory in the region, as well as a reliable partner to every dentist who places the health and satisfaction of his/her patients first.

Your trust is our largest capital – trust in our products, our expertise and responsibility. This is a capital we have been building for 15 years – still, every day with each new task we approach your works as if you were our first and only client.

Our success is founded on reputation. As a business team, we aim to support this cause daily through responsible work and client relations. It is our opinnion that in the long run, our quality and consistency works in your best interest as a dentist and of course the best interest of the end user – your patient.